Top things to do in Buenos Aires

While surfing the web I encountered this really interesting site about Buenos Aires,

The most recent entry on the site is a top 30 list of things to do in Buenos Aires. Although there are, as stated in the article as well, many of these lists around, I thought why not add one to our site.

For space purposes I will only repeat the top ten things. For the whole list you can go to

Would be really cool to hear about any activities that you enjoy in Buenos Aires (provided that they are at the most rated PG-13).

I know myself, living in San Telmo, I love to go jogging in the ecological reserve or along Puerto Madero. Furthermore, by far my favorite Feria is the one in Mataderos. I personaly like it much more than the San Telmo Feria, but hey, that is just me. 

  1. San Telmo without a doubt deserves a visit. If not on s Sunday for the feria then on a weekday. If you are looking for nice place to have a snack on Sunday that is not overcrowded or overpriced, try the cafe Caracol at the corner of Bolivar and Humberto 1. It is perfect for tea time….the tostados mixtos are cheap and huge!! 
  2. Recoleta Cemetery: Must be one of the great cemeteries of the world. Fascinating to wander among the tombs.
  3. Teatro Colón: The city’s great opera house. Performances are relatively inexpensive but if you’re not into opera or classical music then, at least, take a tour which will show you not only the beautiful auditorium but take you backstage. Closed for renovation.
  4. Tango at the Ideal: I don’t dance and I’m not a fan of the fancy tango shows for tourists but I do enjoy watching others dance, particularly ordinary people. The Ideal is one of those old style places with tango dancing on the upper floor. In the afternoons, after the tango lessons, the place will be filled with a mostly older crowd. Even if you don’t go for the dancing, the Ideal is a gorgeous place to eat or have coffee.
  5. Madres de Plaza de Mayo: Thursday afternoons at 3:30, the mothers of the disappeared still march every week inthe plaza. After their march, which lasts thirty minutes, the madres gather in front of the Casa Rosada for a short speech. It’s worth staying and listening.
  6. Café Tortoni: the oldest and most beautiful of the cafés in the city. Mostly a tourist spot now but still worth the visit.
  7. Plaza San Martín: a nice shady area in the heart of the city. Plenty to see and do around there so the plaza makes for a nice place to take a break. Go up to the top of the English Tower for great views and then take a look inside the old train station. Borges lived just a few steps from the plaza.
  8. Stroll down calle Florida: not the best shopping and you’re likely to be hounded by touts trying to sell you leather jackets or other overpriced goods but the pedestrian street still has an energetic appeal to it. There are some great buildings in the area. An easy one to explore, since it’s a shopping mall, is Galería Pacifico; the top floor is a cultural center that usually has very good exhibitions. If you’re hungry then the Richmond is an interesting place to stop; it’s one of the places that Borges frequented.
  9. La Boca: Oddly, it’s one of the least desirable neighborhoods in town but it’s also the most touristy. Actually, it’s only one small area of Boca that has found its way into practically every book’s photograph of Buenos Aires. I do think that the picturesque small street of Caminito is a tourist trap (and the tour buses lined up there seem to prove it). The colorful street was the idea of artist Quinquela Martin, whose paintings I think are superb. His nearby house and studio are now a museum of his works and should definitely be visited.
  10. Fútbol! While we’re talking about Boca, if you’re a football fan (or soccer to those in the US) then a game at Boca is a must. If you’re not a fan of the sport, then you can probably skip this one though it’s still an interesting experience.

Goodbye for now,



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Blog de Ma Vi, futura estudiante internacionale

Para los estudiantes de acá (o de afuera también) que quieren organizar un intercambio, sería interesante leer el blog de Ma Vi, una estudiante en Uruguay que quiere irse de intercambio en un país del norte europeano o americano.

El proceso de preparación de un intercambio puede ser la parte la más difícil porque necesita mucho tiempo y energía. El blog de Ma Vi da una buena idea de como puede ser para un estudiante de Uruguay.

Les invito a leerlo….

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Cámaras digitales/ Digital cameras

Para los estudiantes que se van al extranjero es primordial tener una buena cámara para recordar sus experiencias y viajes. Encontre unas recomendaciones en cuanto a las cámaras digitales. En suma: 

  1.  Los megapíxeles son menos importantes de lo que crees.
  2. Cuanto más zoom óptico, mejor
  3. Cámaras pequeñas para fotografiar en más ocasiones
  4. Utiliza un programa de edición de imágenes sencillo
  5. Imprime y muestra tus imágenes.

El artículo completo, “Algunas consideraciones sobre cámaras y fotografía digital” se encuentra en el sitio:


Creo que unos de los puntos importantes es de tener en mente que cámaras digitales pueden romperse, particularmente la pantalla LCD, lo que paso con la mia. No se necesita un gran golpe! Son fragiles las pantallas. Por suerte funciona el aparato pero ya conozco la importancia de tener una mira (viewfinder) aparte de la pantalla. De esta manera, si se rompe la pantalla se puede todavia ver la photo que se está tomando.

También creo que para viajar es mejor comprar una cámara que utiliza baterías AA y no una batería recargable por no perder tiempo y energía, y no volverse loco cuando se le olvide de recargarlas y por eso pierden oportunidades de tomar fotos.



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!Necesitamos informacion: Alojamiento en Buenos Aires!

Hola a todos,

Estamos buscando información sobre el alojamiento en Buenos Aires, es decir testimon como fue la experiencia para ustedes. Como encontraron departamento, familia, residencia etc. Sus dificultades, opiniones, recomendaciones etc.

Gracias por su cooperación en ayudar los estudiantes internacionales del proximo semestre.


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Skiing in Argentina

For those exchange students who have some free time between semesters…..

Even though it is winter in Argentina does not mean that all there is to do is travel from boliche to boliche…. IT IS SKI SEASON.

A couple of options are Bariloches, Las Leñas, Los Penitentes etc…

For those interested in Las Leñas (I heard a few students saying that they might be going this weekend) there is nice article in the blog, written by fellow students from the UCA. Check it out…….

Melanie G.

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El Chacarerean Teatre

Aca les pongo información sobre el Chacarerean Teatre, una recomendación de Jenny.

Por mas amplia información ver el sitio:

En lo que fuera una antigua carpintería del barrio de Palermo
el 17 de enero del 2003 se inaugura el
C H A C A R E R E A N  t e a t r e
Manteniendo la estructura edilicia original, conformada por un espacio de líneas simples y materiales nobles,
el reciclaje incorporó un fondo de escenario transparente
que permite ver el cielo y
un añoso árbol característico de la zona.
El formato teatro-bar posibilita la degustación antes y después de los espectáculos, de los mejores salames de Tandil y Balcarce, los quesos caseros, el pan de campo, las empanadas norteñas,
y otras comidas criollas.

Espero ir yo mismo esta semana. Les contare más a uestedes de mi esperiencia con fotos después.

Buen día,


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ISEP: International Student Exchange Program

ISEP is a site geared towards student exchanges all around the world.

They include three universities in Argentine, The Universidad Catolica of Cordoba, The Universidad de Palermo and the Universidad del Salvador.

The site is

It also has member universities all around the world.

To access directly the list of member universities go to


Melanie G.

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